Topfinel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 20 X 20 Inch for Couch Bed Car Faux Leather and Cotton Linen Cushion Cover with Stripes 50 X 50 cm for Holiday Party Home Decor, Pack of 2, Cream

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About Topfinel

Topfinel has been dedicating to First-Class quality home decor, aiming to help you create a comfortable life space with high quality.

We focus on the quality of every product to provide you with a more beautiful and tasteful home.

Hope you will find your lifestyle from here on.

cushion covers

Life full of creativity

It is a creative idea to make pillow covers lovely and lively.

The combination of faux leather and cotton linen material breaks the monotony of one single fabric, making the throw pillow cases a sense of change and variation, greatly shines your home decor.

The stripe pattern of cotton linen and the exquisite texture of faux leather bring the pillow covers a sense of understated elegance.