Beflax 100% Natural French Linen Duvet Cover | Ultra Soft - Stone Washed | Queen | Farmhouse Design | Light & Dark Linen | Light Grey/Brown Melange

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Size: Queen

This is the best French Linen Duvet Cover (linen comforter cover) you can put your hands on

Material: 100% Pure Linen with natural coconut buttons closure

Color: our linen comforter cover is double sided, so you can turn it either side you want, and determine which side is your favorite!

Comes in reusable matching linen bag with ties and Linen Care instructions

About Beflax Linen

Our linen is made according to old linen traditions in France, where all linen properties are preserved as nature intended.
Flax linen duvet cover is perfect to complete your bedroom decor, especially if you’re into farmhouse design and rustic chic.
We use a unique melange weave, specially crafted for a great balance of comfort and weight in our linen bed covers.

✔ Benefits of sleeping on Linen

Natural linen duvet cover has unique properties:  it is very durable and stronger than cotton by at least 5 times - this means vintage linen duvet cover for your next generations.
Linen duvet cover is hypoallergenic and antistatic, that means even the most sensitive skin will be pleased by contact with our linen.
Pure linen duvet cover promotes healthier and longer sleep: linen fabric has massaging effect that increases blood circulation during sleep and relieves fatigue and stress.
Flax linen duvet cover is also capable of absorbing moisture - sleeping under 100% linen duvet cover will help you get rid of sweating issues during the night, as linen will dry up fast for your interrupted sleep.
Being the most breathable textile there is, soft linen duvet cover will regulate skin-air heat exchange.

Get a matching linen bedding set or additional set of linen pillowcases - and enjoy the full linen sleeping experience ♥