AuldHome Vintage Laundry Basket, French Country Decorative Wire Folding Laundry Hamper

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Vintage Wire “Pop-Up” Laundry Basket, Primitive Farmhouse Decor

This tall large basket is so elegant, you surely will not want to hide it in your laundry room or fill it with dirty clothes. In fact, this basket is NOT INTENDED for laundry use. Instead, store throw pillows and blankets in your living room or display extra towels in the guest room. Be creative. Even store craft materials or fire wood.

Ideas: Add a “shelf” on the bottom for extra storage. Fill with moss for a planter. Fold top flat and use as a stand.


Assembled diameter 18 inches

Assembled height (max) 28 inches

Interior depth (when fully opened) 10.5 inches (upper portion)

Folds closed to 19 inch diameter by 5 inches

Base size 15 x 15 inches square, interior of base 12 x 12 inches square

Color -- all black

Material -- steel

Multiple display formats: pushed in, wide open, folded closed as a “table”, legs folded closed / use top as basket

Weight 4.3 lbs

Tips--To open top, just pull around on outer edge a little bit at a time circling; closing it is very easy, I find closing legs easier if you turn upside down, don’t worry about breaking it. Note: This is not intended for storing or sorting laundry. It is more intended as a decorative element or linen storage in your home.